Monday, November 22, 2010

Best Friend Forever

I just watched serial How I Met Your Mother season 6 episodes 9. I don`t know the tittle but the hole story was talking about best friends.

The story starts from watching Robin`s television porn kid show. Robin was not alone on that show, she did it with her friend named Jessica who was her BFF (best friend forever) either on that show or in real life. But then Robin said that their no longer a BFF anymore. Then Lily argued that Best Friend Forever is have to be forever. Marshall argued Lily back that they did the BFF thing in high school and no one friends from high school will be forever. Ted replied that he still be friends with his friends from high school. No one believes him and he try hard to prove it.

After watching that show everyone asked Robin why she broke up with Jessica, but Robin did not want to talk about it. Then Ted, as usual use his detectives skill to tray answering that mystery. Ted found that Robin and Jessica broke up since Jessica have a baby. And Robin DO hate babies or kids. Or in easy way Robin dumped Jessica. Lily suddenly freaked out about that. She gonna have a baby and she was afraid that Robin will dump her just like Robin dumped Jessica.

The Lily-scared-to-be-dumped-by-Robin continue after Lily found that Robin said she is going to have their best-friend-thing cream massage alone. all the people thought that Robin was annoyed by Lily because she cannot stop talking about babies. Well after that Lily do the confrontation and they broke up emotionally.

Well in fast way to retell about all the drama, there are three best friend stories, Ted and his high school friend, Robin and Jessica, and Robin and Lily. And all end up with happy endings. Ted proves himself that he and his high school friend are still a best friend. His friend even invite Ted to be his best man on his wedding. Lily apologized to Robin about what she had said and so did Robin. Robin even said that she would hate almost babies in the world but not lily`s babies. She is gonna love them and she will pick up everything for them. And the perfect ending is Robin and Jessica get back together. The true story is Robin did not dumped Jessica. But Jessica did it. And the reason is just like Ted said, because Jessica has a baby. She said that she will not still doing best friend thing like what she used to do with Robin anymore. Well in the end she found that she is doing wrong. The old best friend get back together thing was perfected by this heart warming song :

hey beaver come on
when you feel alone
just pick up that phone
and i`ll be there to share my ice cream cone

two beavers are better than one
two beavers are better than one
they´re twice the fun, ask anyone
a second beaver can be second to none

two beavers are better than one

oh you`re my favorite beaver...

This episode remind me with my own old best friend story. My old best friend from junior high school, hell yeah pretty old enough. But different with all the stories above, i can say that mine has a worse ending. If Ted was invited to be his best friend`s best man, i did not even invited to her wedding party. This is not because i have baby, even i`m not married yet now. Then why? i don`t even know. Maybe because of the distance, because we have different life, different surroundings. Well we went to same college but i can say that we are not doing some best friend thing like the old days anymore. Maybe she think that we are no longer best friend anymore or maybe we are not even friends. Actually i have same opinion with Lily that friends will gonna be last forever. Although we are no longer seeing each other or do everything together again, but i never dumped my friend and call them not my friend anymore. At least i will still invite them to my wedding.

You know what, i still can feel this hurt feelings. When i found out that i`m not invited. Maybe she has reason that she has limited budget that made her could not invite all people she wants. But i still can not believe that i`m out of the line. Even if she invited me, she knew that i wont be able to attend to her wedding (because i was in Japan and still i am now) so she did not have to make and extra budget for inviting me. All i believe is just now i am out of the line, i am out of the-people-who-worth-enough-to-be-invited-for- line. I still can not believe it. Once i asked her about me not being invited thing, and all that she said was "she had limited budget so she do not invite her junior high school friends".

I remember the last time we met. It was the day when i invited her to have lunch with my mother. I invited her in order to tell her one of my big news : "I am going to Japan for three years and i need your support". And then she told me about the guy. The guy who she thought that he is the one. The one who she will marry with. And there he is. She is marrying him.

I take that as our last best-friend-thing we did together dear friend. Our last "sharing ice cream cone". Since you wont share your big day with me. I am still keeping your wedding gift on my cupboard though. I meant to give it to you when i had chance to came back to Indonesia at one of my business trip. But unfortunately you was very busy preparing your big day. You know what on that day i was waiting for your invitation but hell yeah all i could do was taking my deep breath when i saw your wedding picture suddenly came up on facebook. Aaand I realize i was not invited.

I`m so sorry i could not help you anything. And now you already have a son. Congratulation! hope he will grow as an awesome child. I am happy for you.

Oh.. two beavers are better than one ... dadadadadadadadadadada..

Well maybe i am to much for meaning all the "not be invited" like this. But i just want to tell you that it was hurt. And still it is..